Acceleration solutions for the functional verification and test of FPGA IP blocs and designs

Easily verify and certify on FPGA your IP blocs and designs right from the start of the development cycle


ADACSYS is a French high-tech start-up. Our main expertise is in microelectronics and software. We design and implement hardware and software solutions for HPC and for the verification of FPGA IP blocs and designs.

Active member of the Palaiseau technology park, ADACSYS is recognized by the French Ministry of Research and has twice been National laureate in innovative technologies start-up contests.

With FPGA IP and circuit design, ADACSYS's main objective is to provide our patented in-house FPGA verification and certification solutions to our customers. These easy to use solutions integrate seamlessly with FPGA IP and circuit development flows. They provide hardware accelerated verification and certification on any of-the-shelf or proprietary mono or multi-FPGA boards.

Our team includes experts in hardware accelerated circuit verification that have years of experience working in prestigious international EDA groups like Mentor Graphics, ST Microelectronics and Philips.


ADACSYS proposes AVA (Advanced Verification Acceleration) its modular offer in FPGA accelerated functional verification.

AVA is easy to implement and use and enables developers to verify and certify their FPGA IP and circuit designs sooner and faster

This technology brings crucial flexibility, efficiency and simplicity to the development and verification cycles so that products reach the market on time and with high quality standards.

Our offer comes in three flavors in order to address the specific needs of each client.

A-Full: the complete integrated solution

This turn-key hardware and software product includes our A-soft software and an FPGA board of your choice, both preconfigured for immediate productivity.

A-Soft: the software only solution

This product is for customers who already have or who plan on acquiring their own FPGA board.

A-OD: the platform as a service version of A-Full

This dematerialized and secure product is for customers who want all the benefit of our A-Full product plus the quasi immediate flexibility of on demand access in terms of capacity and added performance. All this from the comfort of their workstation.

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For a demonstration of A-OD, our on demand remote verification solution please fill out the form below:

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Érik Hochapfel: +33 1 71 00 57 03


9 rue du Moulin des Bruyères

92400 Courbevoie


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